Size is extremely important when it comes to work clothes – it affects function, wear and ergonomics. ProJob clothing is designed with flexibility in mind. Clothes that are the wrong size prevent the wearer form moving around freely. Pockets and other functional details which are used repeatedly during the working day need to be positioned where they can be reached easily.  If the clothing is the wrong size, either the positioning of the pockets will force the wearer to make strenuous movements or the pockets will serve no purpose at all. It’s also extremely important for the knee protectors to be in the right place to prevent unnecessary wear. The size also affects how long clothes last, the tighter the garment the greater the strain on the seam and the fabric.

The ProJob collection includes sizes to meet every need. Almost all our tops are available in XS-XXXL and almost all our trousers are available in sizes C44-C62, D84-D120 and C146-C156  (see size guide below for details).