With the Nano Technology, ProJob has taken a further step in the process of developing products, for the purpose of satisfying the needs anddemands in the work wear industry.


Cotton is a soft and comfortable natural material. It insulates and ventilates. One of cotton's advantages is that it that it doesn't melt when exposed to flames and sparks and that it is difficult to set fire to. Our heavy duty cotton twill is extra sturdy and durable. This is possible because we are involved in and direct development from fibre to final production.


The combination of polyester and cotton has proven perfect for making long lasting garments. The breathability of cotton combined with the durability and colourfastness of polyester makes garments in polycotton keep their shape and colour longer. Clothes in polycotton are therefore an excellent choice for hard work that places great demands on both the wearer and the garment.


Cordura® is Dupont's brand of extremely durable polyamide material. It is three times as strong as standard polyamide, upto seven times as strong as cotton and yet is fine and supple. We use it primarily as reinforcement in places that are exposed to hard wear.


A wind and waterproof material with high moisture transporting capacity and breathability. Extra Sturdy & hard wearing. Easy to care for and durable. 3,000mm water column and 4,000 mvp breathability.


A wind and waterproof material with high moisture transporting capacity and breathability. Extra Sturdy & hard wearing. Easy to care for and durable. 2,000mm water column and 3,000 mvp breathability.


Prodry™ are the materials you wear to your skin. They transport moisture and allow it to pass to the outer layer. With Pro Dry there you don't have to have damp and cold garments next to your body.


Pro Thermal™ are the materials that afford affective insulation against both heat and colf. The materials detect and dispose of surplus heat at the same time that they keep out unneeded cold. Pro Thermal™ keeps body temperature at an even and pleasent level all day. Particularly suitable in insulating middle garments.


Pro Vent™ are the materials with high breathability. They let out moisture and superflous heat. They withstand rain, snow and wind. Pro Vent™ garments are resilient, protective materials worn on the very outside.


Pro Tec™ are the materials that afford effective protection against exterior effects. They are very resistant to wear and to tearing. Pro Tec™ is suited to extremely strenuous work in rough environments.


NANO-TEX TM is a fabric that simultaneously works to reject and remove stains. By applying this new technology on the garments, you don’t have to compromise on the comfort or function to achieve this quality. The result is that we can now combine the softness of cotton and still keep our garments clean with that fresh feeling.

One nanometer is one billionth of a meter. This is approximately the equivalent of the size of three to five atoms. By changing the molecular structure in the fibers we have created a fabric that result in fantastic features and outstanding comfort. We are the first to use the Nano technology in our workwear range which without a doubt will be standard necessity in our industry

Compared to normal workwear garments, the revolutionary NANO-TEX TM weave has multiple ways to prevent and fight stains. Each and every fiber has been transformed to feature a long lasting, hard wearing and exceptionally functional products.

• Makes it easier to remove stains
• Long lasting protection
• Remains clean and fresh longer
• Naturally soft and comfortable
• Breathable